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A family of 4 walking down a beautiful forested path in the snow

Don’t let cold temps freeze your fun! Here are some ways to enjoy Eastern Iowa this winter

Gabrielle Schulenberg

Is the cold weather freezing your joy? Do you find yourself dragging your feet as you prepare to step into the arctic temperatures each and every day?

Perhaps you don’t understand—for good reason—why Frosty the Snowman could be a “jolly, happy soul” in the depths of winter. Or maybe you’re just looking for some fresh ways to appreciate the beauty of winter in Eastern Iowa.

Whether you’re in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, or Dubuque, here are some fun winter activities for you and your family to enjoy. You might have so much fun that you’ll forget to keep counting down the days until spring.


Perhaps you’d like to learn something new this winter. You’re in luck! There are multiple museums in Eastern Iowa that can provide you and your group with an educational and entertaining experience.

The Bluedorn Science Imaginarium is an exciting way to keep your kids enthralled while they discover the wonders of science. Through various interactive displays, you and your family can learn all about God’s creation through physical science.

Or you could walk through the door of the Rensselaer Russell House Museum and enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time. This house, called “one of Iowa’s finest examples of Italianate architecture,” is a beautiful place to explore.

If you’re looking for more fun, check out our article about the top 5 winter activities in Waterloo!


Maybe you and your Eastern Iowa crew aren’t afraid of the cold. In Dubuque, you can enjoy the snow in many ways, such as snowshoeing, sculpting, skiing, or maybe even “throwing” an epic snowball fight!

The Winter Arts Snow Sculpting Festival is a wonderful way to make the best of the snowfall! This year, prepare to be amazed by the sculptors and their creations. Admire sculptures like snow dragons, flowers, and so much more! If you want to know more about this unique event, you can take a peek at last year’s festival photo album.

Perhaps you’d like to experience the snow in a more natural way. Bundle up and consider grabbing your snowshoes or skis, because Swiss Valley Nature Preserve and Nature Center is ready for you to take in its stunning scenery.

With 476 acres and over 10 miles of hiking trails, you are certain to have a peaceful time while taking in the fresh air. Whether you’re hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, this is a great way to ground yourself and take a break from the stress of life. If you don’t have snowshoes, you can rent them for free at the nature center.

Cedar Rapids

If you enjoy action-packed adventures, Cedar Rapids has some wonderful options to stretch your puzzle-solving skills, grow your teamwork, and give your muscles some much-needed use.

Often, the cold temperatures can make you feel tired, bored, and unmotivated. Good news: AirFX Trampoline Park and Dragon’s Lair can aid in combating that winter exhaustion!

AirFX has entertainment for all ages—even an extra safe spot for the little ones. Their attractions include a Jumper Zone, Ninja Warrior Zone, Climber Zone, and more.

Perhaps you or your kids have enjoyed playing games this winter. Dragon’s Lair takes gaming off the screen with their amazing escape rooms and laser tag.

At Dragon’s Lair, your group will bond as a team and build memories through adventures that are sure to thrill you. When you solve one of the many escape rooms at Dragon’s Lair, your team will feel accomplished. And they boast a unique form of laser tag called tactical laser tag, which includes various missions and new ways to level up.

Life 101.9 hopes you and your loved ones have a wonderful winter full of special memories that bring a smile to your face! Be sure to tune in to Life 101.9 as you traverse to each activity!

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Stay warm, friends!